... the goddess of witchcraft and sexual magick in the Egyptian pantheon. If you ever had the urge to do anything of a bizarre sexual nature, you were entering the realm of Bast.  #Bast Often identified as the Egyptian cat goddess, Bast is one of the most ancient forms of Babalon, the Mother goddess. Bast is portrayed as both a cat and lion. As the goddess of sexual magick, she ruled over lust and sexual heat. It was her job to see that all potentialities manifested and had their day in the…

Been looking for the perfect idea for an Egyptian tattoo and I think this is it!


Ancient Egyptian Art Print Goddess Bastet

It is said that Egyptian doctors, before operating, whacked the patient on the head with a wooden mallet.

Bastet es una de las Divinidades más antiguas del panteón egipcio, Hija del mismísimo Ra, el Dios Sol, pasó de ser una Divinidad cruel (Divinidad Leona) a ser la Divinidad del fuego, los gatos/las gatas (sagrados en todo Egipto), protectora de los hogares y las embarazadas, entre otras cosas...Según la Mitología, sorprende el que sea la personificación del Alma de la mismísima Divinidad Todopoderosa Isis.

The Egyptian goddess Bastet is one of the earlier deities of the Nile region, and the daughter of Ra, the sun god. She was the goddess of fire, cats, of the home and pregnant women.

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Bastet by Nikkie Stinchcombe / Little Paper Forest. Bast or Bastet, the famous 'cat goddess' of ancient Egypt. Depicted as a lion headed or cat headed woman often carrying an ankh or papyrus wand. She is associated with the all seeing eye (the utchat) and

10.75" Egyptian Goddess Bastet Sculpture Figurine Ancient Egypt Statue Pagan

10.75" Egyptian Goddess Bastet Sculpture Figurine Ancient Egypt Statue Pagan