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BBC - History - Historic Figures: TE Lawrence (1888 - 1935)

The World’s Smallest Cat is Impossibly Adorable

Earlier this month, BBC debuted its new documentary series, Big Cats, which follows several different cat species from all across the globe. But the cat that stood out the most wasn't the biggest—on the contrary: it was the smallest feline in the world, the rusty-spotted cat. As you can see in the accompanying clip, he looks like someone miniaturized a kitten: But don't be fooled by his natural cuteness and the fact that he's ridiculously small. This cat is still a predator, and...

Tom Hiddleston spotted in Leatherhead as BBC filming takes place

#TomHiddleston spotted in Leatherhead as filming takes place for upcoming #BBC drama #TheLittleDrummerGirl. Link:

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'I didn't want to become a celebrity' - BBC News

Mrs. Hudson is Slytherin af

Mrs. Hudson is Slytherin af

I also need my chest caressed. - Imgur

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Got it. I’m YOU aren’t I??

Got it. I’m YOU aren’t I??