Beach fun picture, will do this next time at the beach with my boys :)) surprisingly haven't tried this! we usually do stuff like this

Beach fun picture, will do this next time at the beach with my kids :)) surprisingly haven't tried this!

Beach Photo Frame Bring a pretty carved-wood frame to the beach – and azure blue one looks particularly beautiful, we think. Bury a corner i...

Dec 14 Year in Review with 1canoe2

Photo frame beach photography idea, definetly going to do this at my next beach wedding. Doesn't have to be the beach.

Cute vacation photo idea!! Doing this at the next beach trip!

I have chose this photo because it is very creative. I love the reflection of sunglasses. Sand, sunglasses and the sun in in the picture are telling us that that was warm day. I like this photo because it has a story with self portrait as well.

Tan and take artsy pictures

Could You Survive A Phoneless Vacation?

Laying in the hot sun getting my tan on with my toes in the sand listening of nothing but the waves in the ocean

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Friends at the beach, girls, on the shore, in the water, beach fun! This would be a great picture!

must remember to do this on vacation this year!!! LOVE it

30 Lovely Beach Family Photos