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Beach shadow box, with personal photo from trip and sand and shells from destination

Hooked in Maine seaglass art by HookedinMaine on Etsy

Hooked in Maine seaglass art

In Maine Seaglass Kunst angeschlossen von HookedinMaine auf Etsy

Seaglass sailboats on canvas. This is absolutely something I would snag up in a sec if I saw it for sale!! Cute!!

Seaglass sailboats on canvas This is a cute idea for you jewel hobby to use the sea glass from st lucia!

Hand cut Paper Cutting. LIGHTHOUSE BEACH by HullabalooPapercuts, £15.00

Handmade lighthouse paper cutting

Hand Cut Paper Lighthouse + Beach by 'HullabalooPapercuts' on Etsy♥⇝♥⇜♥

Silhouette Design Store - browse-designs

Cute for a beach bag. Silhouette Design Store - View Design sand may brush off memories last forever phrase

The 11 Best DIY Memory Box Ideas for travel, baby, kids, school, concerts, and more!

Not only are memory boxes are a great way to preserve your most cherished memories, but a great way to display them. From shadow box frames to upcycled books here are The 11 Best DIY Memory Box Ideas.