Magick Spells:  Making #Magick ~ "Legend of the Cryptids," by anotherwanderer, at deviantART.

Legend of the Cryptids by anotherwanderer female wizard witch soceress armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc

Ceridwen (the beatiful witch-queen and Goddess) from Fées et Déesses, by Erlé Ferronnière.

Ceridwen (the beatiful witch-queen and Goddess) from Fées et Déesses, by Erlé…

Found on Pinterest…source unknown. Haven’t tested this out, but sounds like a rosemary & marjoram tincture with some honey & black current juice. I’ll have to look up all the medicinal qualities of this beauty concoction. I’m guessing some great...

Witch Beauty Tips -- Adding lavender flower or essential oil and chamomile to the mix will offer antibacterial properties as well as a lovely scent.

Skogsrån (watchers of the forest) are mysterious women who guard the forest and all its creatures. Seen from the front they are unearthly beautiful, but their backs are hollow like old and rotten trees, and they often have the tail of an animal. To protect the forest, they seduce and sleep with woodcutters and then steal their souls, leaving them empty husks of their former selves.

snake witch aesthetic (more here) >>> so as it turns out I have three Snake ladies in HG.

Witch and her Familiar

Witch and her familiar. I love cats and pure black cats are not evil. They are lucky. Unconditional love is what they need. I have had two wonderfully sweet black cats.