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Black glitter liner, yellow and dots ✨ I used eyeshadow neon from the radioactive stack

I love the honeycomb effect. Only on the neck perhaps and not so much the face. If we get a stencil - we could easily do this.

This makeup is based on the things I fear most in this world. 🐝BEEEES🐝 haha after taking pictures I realize it looks more giraffe like but whatevs. My wonderful husband suggested I do honeycomb and so I did!

Honey bee✨ Pinterest: @JillianMcneill

Honey bee✨ Pinterest: @JillianMcneill

Bee Makeup Costume - Mugeek Vidalondon

The bumble bee eyes includes black and yellow striped eye appliques with studded detail and mini bee design. Reusable and waterproof.

Black & yellow eyeliner trick #AwesomeEyes

Prom Eye Looks You Never Thought Of

Ever seen Katsushika Hokusai's famous painting, Great Wave Off Kanagawa? Probably. But have you ever seen it painted on somebody's lips? Probably not.

Makeup Artist Turns Her Lips Into Stunning Works Of Art (30 Pics)

Canadian makeup artist Andrea Reed has the talent to create beautiful artworks on her lips.