After having the same beige couch for what felt like forever ... Reunited (with my Christmas-free) living room AND IT FEELS ...

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Lørdagen da alt er bare avslapping og det blir "inne- tid" for sommeren kommer ikkei dag heller...Nå kjenner jeg på at jeg trenger den!Da er det egentlig bare å krype opp i sofakroken og nyte roen.

Avslapping..> (Idyll og him)

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This calming living room is pale blue with a white couch and bookshelf, a wood and black coffee table, and greenery.

Minus the skull, I love the color palette and different patterns and textures.

LES Comment: I like the graphic of the rug. I also like the arrangement on the marble table (except the skull) Marble coffee table from West Elm, rug from IKEA, sofa from Domayne.

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