high heeled roller skates. How fun are those!! I don't know that I could actually skate in those, but I would sure try!

Jenni Kayne Pre-Fall 2014

my kind of Roller Skates - vintage roller skate - Heels - disco diva rockin rebel roller girl

Fashion photo by Richard Avedon (The female model might be Suzy Parker)

Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon - Suzy Parker and Robin Tattersall, dress by Dior, Place de la Concorde, Paris, August 1956 © 2009 The Richard Avedon Foundation

getting through the week like... #TGIF #AUnicornRide

STYLE: i did my best did you do your best at the time with the resources you had? then kiss that whole self-doubt thing goodbye. wear these custom socks by working girls with our favorite mantra retro kitsch advertising photo art , roller skates and

Vintage skaters

Girls On Wheels #8

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I had these when I was 10:) along with a puffy quilted yellow vest jacket with nylon rainbow detailing and radio headphones. I got spoiled that Christmas. I also got a Barbie Star traveler motorhome.

Sneakers Roller Skates - use to roller skate outside with these all the time and all summer long.

Roller skating to class.. 1930 University of Chicago. Why fabulous? Because they're women attending university in 1930.

Co-eds with their books go to school on skates. Miss Lucile Pfaender (left) and Miss Maryellen Falconer, co-eds at the University of Chicago, roll merrily down the Midway on their roller skates,

Best roller skates for women #rollerskates

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Best Roller Skates for Beginners

Before you set out to buy the perfect set of wheels, it’s important to figure out what to look for to find the best roller skates for beginners.

Awesome Top 10 Best Roller Skates For Boys - Top Reviews

Awesome Top 10 Best Roller Skates For Boys - Top Reviews