parlor-palm_mini  Most popular indoor palm variety, it’s an excellent houseplant for almost any situation, it grows even in those dim corners where nothing else will grow. It requires only minimal care and moderate light. It produces clusters of tiny yellow flowers in spring, however these will not form in low light conditions.  Water only when soil is dry otherwise you’ll kill your plant.

17 Best Plants to Grow Indoors without Sunlight

Parlor Palm for Home or Office-Parlor palm. Like many houseplants, the parlor palm is geared toward life in a tropical forest, so even if it's positioned several feet from a window, it will do fine.

Ann Arbor: Salon XL Color & Design Group,   -

The 100 Best Salons in the Country

Salon XL Michigan Like the way they deal with open tubes. This ones in Ann Arbor!

Las Vegas: Canyon Ranch SpaClub,; Color Salon by Michael Boychuck (pictured),

The 100 Best Salons in the Country

Color Salon by Michael Boychuck mixes classic Hollywood glamour with modern design. Color Salon by Michael Boychuck Whether sipping Champagne in the Lather Lounge or sh…

The 100 Best Salons in the Country - Best Hair Salons in America - ELLE

The 100 Best Salons in the Country

How to Create Your Cosmetology Portfolio | Salon Success Academy "Beauty Buzz" Blog

aveda students When you’re ready to begin your cosmetology career, the best evidence you’ll have to show off your skills and talents will be your cosmetology portfolio.

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