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Bethany- "so guys if you didn't already know we always have a party on everyone's first day here so this first one is a luau. Pool party with a Hawaiian theme so guys come ready to have fun and swim"

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{fc: Bethany Mota} Bethany) Hi I'm Bethany! I like to cheer and play soccer. My siblings are extremely protective of me. I have a twin sister.

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Caption: Hope your day has been lovely! Today I saw a beautiful plant wall and apparently had a terrible itch behind my ear.

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Hey I'm Bethany! I'm studying in the music program right now. I love to play the piano and sing. I don't like cheaters!

Happy Birthday Beth!!!!! I love you so much! In a non creepy way:) You are an amazing role model to girls around the world! I am even writing about you in a paper! That's how amazing you are:) I hope you have a great day:D

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So proud of my girl bethany! Love dwts and aeropostale! New Collection= Perfection!

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Doing a happy twirl because my new video is up! Summer Gone Wrong ☀️💦😬 leave a palm tree emoji in the comments if you've seen it already!

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I think everyone is most confident when they are just being themselves and not trying to impress others.

Im leaving pinterest for a while but while im gone check this pinner out!-> @ashthekilljoy (It's Ashleigh) she pins stuff about bands and is also open to messages since she doesnt comment on pins. If u love bands or dan and phil u will love her<3

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What was your favorite article from this month? She looks AMAZING in this photo!

@Bethany Mota You're absolutley gorgeous, thank you so much for following me! :) xx

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Shoda Shoda Mota you are my role model and I love your videos! I am a Motavator for infinity!