Big barda

New God Big Barda

Big Barda is a powerful New God from Apokolips who fell in love with Mister Miracle and became a.

Heavy hitters ❤️ Art by Mike Hawthorne

See, you can illustrate beautiful and powerful women who DON'T look like they are doing promo shots for a porn film. Wonder Woman, Big Barda, and Power Girl by Mike Horton and Nathan Fairbairn Best Art Ever (This Week) - - ComicsAlliance

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Big Barda (Character) - Comic Vine

Big Barda came back to save her husband in Justice League in Darkseid War story arc


Big Barda

Big Barda is the love interest and later wife of Scott Free a.a Mister Miracle. Barda is a New.

Bred for battle on the hellish world Apokolips, Big Barda became one of her world's greatest warriors and served as the leader of it's ruler's, Darkseid, personal guard: the Female Furies. Eventually Barda found love and fled Apokolips with her future husband Mr. Miracle. Barda has since lived on Earth at various points in time and has served as member of the Justice League.

Barda Free (Big Barda) Species: New God (Apokolips) Super strength, endurance, reflexes and speed, skilled warrior, utilizes various weapons (Debut:

Diana “The Amazon” Prince, top Apokolips contender on the Women’s Featherweight category. She might come from a long dynasty of women fighters, but does she have what it takes to defeat “Big” Barda Free, the current undefeated champion?  (Warm up sketch)

Wonder Woman by Arthur Asa (I think this is the first version of wonder woman I have ever seen that was not over-sexualized.

Bigbarda Space by amartinezbueno on DeviantArt

Bigbarda Space by amartinezbueno on DeviantArt

Big Barda by Daniel HDR

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