Big Time Rush with Carlos Pena, Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Logan Henderson

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Oh how the years have passed by! :') we must add a 2014....QUICK!!!,some one find a picture

Who remembers big time rush omg I had the hugest crush on Kendall !

Big Time Rush <3

I love them all but I have always had a crush on Kendell 😂


Big Time Rush people-i-have-to-meet-and-see-or-have-met-and-seen

Thanks to my cousin, I loved watching this show. Wish I had time to watch the reruns.

i'm 22 and i love big time rush. the kid in me wants to love a boy band! the old days of backstreet boys.

Big Time Rush <3 could they be any cuter #James;)<3

Big Time Rush Throwback ~ OMG I have the exact same beanie as James! He I got ours from Zumiez

"You believe in ghosts?" "I believe the doodoo that's in my pants." FAVORITE THING EVER.

Just meme it!

"You believe in ghosts?" FAVORITE THING EVER. I love Logan and I can watch that episode over and over again I like when hes like "dude" when bitters let out a huge burp out his butt