Bill Brandt

Bill Brandt // Ear on the Beach, 1957 // Seaford, East Sussex Coast, UK

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*Bill Brandt* -Bill Brandt was born in London in -Bill's family moved to Germany, and Bill went to Switzerland to a sanitarium bec.

Bill Brandt 'Nude, Hampstead London' 1952

Bill Brandt, Early Prints from the Collection of the Family, Photography - Edwynn Houk Gallery, New York, United-States

Resultado de imagen de bill brandt photography

Resultado de imagen de bill brandt photography

"No matter what dreads over your head as you prepare to travel your gating  journey......staying the path of FUN is your only truth...."   Bill Brandt

Bill Brandt was the preeminent British photographer of the twentieth century and a founding father of photography’s modernist tradition. Published in conjunction with an exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art, Bill Brandt: Shadow and Light

Bill Brandt Photographs 1928-1983

Bill Brandt Photographs 1928-1983

Top Withens (Bill Brandt)

by bill brandt ✿ top withens reputedly heathcliffe's farmhouse in emily bronte's wuthering heights