Bipolar Disorder 101

Bipolar Disorder - What It Is and How It's Treated: Infographic - Living With Bipolar Disorder - Everyday Health

The bipolar depression test is based on the Goldberg Bipolar Spectrum Screening Questionnaire, which was developed by Dr Ivan Goldberg.

This bipolar test provides free and fast screening for possible bipolar disorder.

During penance many mood disorders become prevalent. Disorders such as bipolar and form of depression sometimes progress during this period. The Mood Disorders Questionnaire helps screen for possible symptoms of bipolar disorder.

From Bipolar Disorder comes Recurrent Brief Depression (RBD), which is what I suffer with. It's much less known than other types of depression, but usually those who have it have a parent with Bipolar Disorder (my dad).

Bipolar Disorder - Self Screening Test Infographic- I have a friend from many years ago, that left this destroy our friendship. Not to mention people from the past that refuse to take medication and make everybody's life miserable.

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