If one bittersweet vine isn’t enough for your garden, you can propagate it and grow more. You can either start growing bittersweet cuttings or plant bittersweet seeds. If you are interested in propagating American bittersweet vines, click here for tips.

Propagating American Bittersweet Vines – Growing Bittersweet Cuttings And Seedlings

Looking for vines that grow in cold regions can be a little discouraging. Vines often have a tropical feel to them, and a corresponding tenderness to cold. Learn about vines that grow in cold regions, particularly hardy vines for zone 3 in this article.

Wrap white pumpkins in bittersweet vine | 10 Brilliant Ways to Decorate for Fall That Won’t Blow Your Budget

10 Brilliant Ways to Decorate for Fall That Won't Blow Your Budget

Gold, green and clear bottles show off bittersweet vines in this pretty fall display. More fall decorating ideas: http://www.midwestliving.com/homes/seasonal-decorating/easy-fall-decorating-projects/page/12/0

50 Easy Fall Decorating Projects

So simple and affordable! / It won't be long now and we'll be decorating for fall! I love simple ideas like this: Fill interesting old jars and bottles with fall berries and branches. I'm very excited for fall :-) it is my favorite season!

Festive Fall Wreath Ideas: Bittersweet Vine Fall Wreath

Front Doors that Wow

To give your door knocker a simple seasonal touch, zip-tie two crookneck gourds together, and then zip-tie them to a foam-core oval about 5 inches long. Cover ties w