Black death

Plague doctor...the "beak" would contain herbs that would help to protect the Doctor from contracting the disease. It was basically useless...of course they didn't realize how disease was spread and the different methods of cross contamination, etc...

The Black Death Plague Doctor. Wore long cloaks covered in wax. The long beak like mask was used to cover the smell of death by putting herbs in the beak.

A man suffering from buboes and splotches! Symptoms of the Black Death?

How the Black Death Worked

Was the Black Death a Virus? - The Black Death virus? Some theorize the Black Death was a virus, not the bubonic plague. Learn more about about the theory of the Black Death virus.

#Infographic: A Guide to Venetian Masks #mardigras                              …

Infographic: A Guide to Venetian Masks

Each design represents different characters. For instance, the long nose mask represents plague doctor who treated victims of the plague as the Black Death of Europe in the century. I found it interesting because the mask not only

The Black Death Plague Doctor: A plague doctor was a special medical physician who saw those who had the Bubonic Plague. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, some doctors wore a beak-like mask which was filled with aromatic items. The masks were designed to protect them from putrid air, which (according to the miasmatic theory of disease) was seen as the cause of infection.

Goth the plague doctors mask may be made of wood but his soul is made of shadows,his skin is made of feathers & his mind is made of disease.

A rather sad image as the mother and older sibling look on in horror as death takes away the youngest.  Mother is cooking a simple meal over a fire.   Holbein, Hans. "The Dance of Death." Woodcut, before 1538. Facsimile, London, 1892. Annotated by Shona Kelly Wray.

FIG 1 The Dance of Death: Death Carries off A Young Child. Woodcut by Hans Holbein the Younger, © Les Simulachres et Historiees Face de la Mort.

A map of the progress of the bubonic plague in Europe during the 14th Century AD, by Sean Twiddy

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executioner, 方达 周 on ArtStation at

Random Fantasy/RPG artwork I find interesting,(*NOT MINE) from Tolkien to D&D.

Black death in London. Cross marks the door of infected victims.

New victim of the Black Death: Professor killed by plague bug he studied

New victim of the Black Death: Professor killed by plague bug he studied.