(Emily Rudd) Inspiration: The Dreamer. Raiven: Black hair, green eyes

" I asked, after what happened with Moriarty I cut my hair and dyed it darker "here you might need these" Sherlock handed me a shoe sized box "if there's a hand or something in here, may god save your soul" I smiled.

Community Post: Which Character From "The Raven Cycle" Are You?

Which Character From "The Raven Cycle" Are You?

Hi I'm hel but most call me Helen I'm 835  the daughter of loki everybody always thinks I'm evil because of my father but I'm actually neutral unless you do a thing to anyone I care about and I've got all the powers of my father (introduce?)

Clarissa 'Clary' Ambrosius is the main female character of the story, she is half angel and half demon or by other terms a witch. She has a younger brother called Sam who is also a witch.