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Celebrate Black History month by exploring famous quotes from African Americans. This would be a great resource to go along with mini-lessons about each author of the quotes. Maybe explore a different influential African American each day?

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Do Black Lives Truly Matter?

Do Black Lives Truly Matter?

I love that: "if you can't see why we're saying 'black lives matter' you're part of the problem." And let's be honest, a LOT of the people saying "all lives matter" sure don't act like any life BUT THEIR OWN matters.

“So I typed in ‘black history moth’ instead of ‘black history month’ and discovered this gem” | The 22 Most Satisfying Google Searches

The 22 Most Satisfying Google Searches

mens-rights-activia: “ mens-rights-activia: “ So I typed in ‘black history moth’ instead of ‘black history month’ and discovered this gem Happy Black History Moth everybody ” finally found the origin.

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Happy Black History Month!

Marking Black History Month, the president made some strange observations about Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King, and his own favorite political figure.

Do These Black History Month Internet Memes Go Too Far? | Bossip

For Discussion: Are These ‘Black History Month’ Internet Memes Funny Or Do They Go Too Far?