Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Barak Obama, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Nelson Mandela

Powerful black men go down in history } President States of America Barack Obama - civil rights leader Martin Luther King jr. Civil rights advocate Malcolm X - civil rights leader Nelson Mandela

. Without the queen, the king is useless .

I took a lot of chess piece photos tonight. I'm enjoying minimalism at the moment.

Here are some funny cates in case you have a bad day

Here are some funny cates in case you have a bad day

i wasn't born to be soft and quiet i was born to make the world shatter and shake at my fingertips - dark words aesthetic

Gizella, the king's beautiful bastard child. I am powerful and strong and will never be held down again. I make the rules now.

His blade stung against her neck, digging into the flesh ever so slightly. "Arrogant boy," she glared. "Have you already forgotten that what we do may not hurt now, but when the new cycle comes we will feel his perdition?"

Her nails dug into her son's face. "Arrogant boy," she growled, "Show your elders some respect.

Beautifully Illustrating Life and Death

Beautifully Illustrating Life and Death

6 Home Decor Trends for Summer 2017 | Nyde | Home Decor & Furniture

A beautifully big and bright deVOL Shaker kitchen painted in Damask and Pantry Blue with brass details and a lovely parquet floor. Love the flooring and cabinets!