A dog to replace the missing hole in my heart. Bring Jet back to life. #Jet2.0

The Cutest Black Lab Pictures

A list of the Cutest Black Lab Pictures. Are you in the mood to see some adorable photos of Black Lab dogs? This is a list of some of the cutest Black Labrador phot.

10 Interesting Facts about Labrador Retriever

10 Interesting Facts about Labrador Retriever Click the picture to read. love my black lab!

#LLBean Boots and puppies always go together. (Photo via Twitter @ JCrannberry)

The 13 Best Things About Having a Dog

Black Lab puppy - definitely need a red collar

Instagram Post by (@roccotheblacklab)

* * " Whens an imaginatives human getz into mental troubles, de line betweens seein' ands believin' haz a ways of disappearin'." Check This Out Doggies need this stuff!

Black labrador by Elke Vogelsang on 500px

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