exaltedsublimity: “ 6shwty: “ franniemonster: “ PLEASE RE-READ THAT UNTIL YOU UNDERSTAND. ” PRO BLACK ISN’T ANTI WHITE ” Needs to be understood. ”

I like to thank both you ladies for moving the conversation forward race relationship needs to be discussed

Feminism & hip hop

Power and Equality: universal terms that are understood so differently in so many places. How do you define power and equality? art by Shepard Fairey

Photo credit Narvikk  Attitudes haven't changed as much as people like to pretend. Don't forget your past for it will be relevent to your future.  https://zainabasma.wordpress.com/

infminor: infminor: so much power, emotion and meaning yet so much beauty in this image notes in the past 3 days………….

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theminimalistappeal: THE HAIR PICK

​No doubt you was born free, that your spirit came to the universe free. Cuz you recognize and crave the promise of freedom in the universe, but quickly recognize the consta…