LOVE BLACK WOLVES!! Stunningly handsome!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Moonlilly - female- is mates with a dog named stone- she is easily angered

Imagine having a pet wolf who was not only your pet but a friend too. A trusted one to watch your back.

Sirius Black as padfoot is one beautiful and terrifying animal all at the same time!

Wolf love...look at this lovely face!

I gasped. It was the wolf, black as night. Its blue-gray eyes stabbed into us as its head rose, nearly as tall as the deer’s. The buck staggered to its feet and fled, with the monster chasing it.

Snow and black wolf  Photography by © Roni Chastain #Wildgeography                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Snow and black wolf Photography by © Roni Chastain Mesmerizing💖💖

Mother wolf moving her baby to another location for safety purposes.

*Wolf pup* "But mooooom." *Wolf Mom* "No buts. young man, I told you not to play in the mud after I gave you a bath!

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Melanistic Gray Wolf peering around a tree. Wolves feel so mysterious . If you believed in shapeshifting I wouldn't be a cat, I'd definetly be this cool guy right here.