SOSOSOSSOSOS A Taylor Swift é muito v1d4 L0k@! E isso é maravilhoso! Amo que Taytay tem fama de destruidora, pegadora – não nega – e, depois desse clipe, vai ficar com ~fama~ de psicofreak, muito amor, quem não se identifica? É que ontem a internet parou de respirar por aproximadamente 4 minutos pra ver o …

Todos os looks da Taylor Swift no vídeo Blank Space

'Taylor Swift Blank Space Looks' wish i could have every single one of these gorgeous outfits. since i'll be at the taylor swift concert for halloween, maybe i should dress like her?

Taylor Swift in Blank Space..the only outfit out of the many she wore in the video that I would actually wear. or see myself wearing.she looks great in all of them. but me? I don't think so.( most of them too fru fru for me) the fact that it's a riding outfit isn't lost on me.This isn't my type of riding..more bareback and barelegged and running as fast as we can fast as the horse wants to go.that's me.

The just-released music video for Taylor Swift's single "Blank Space" feels kind of like a movie when you watch it, gorgeous wardrobe included. Any T-Swift.

Reasons Why "Blank Space" Video is Everything and Nothing at the Same Time - The Odyssey Online

Reasons Why "Blank Space" Video is Everything and Nothing at the Same Time

I got Taylor Swift! Like Taylor Swift, you have an affinity for red lipstick, consider yourself a cat lady, and have dreams of making it in the Big Apple. YOU’RE A DARN ROCK STAR. Keep shining, girl. Are You More Like Taylor Swift Or Karlie Kloss?

Taylor Swift 1989 Song List / Collage 1. "Welcome to New York" 2. "Blank Space" 3. "Style" 4. "Out of the Woods" 5. "All You Had to Do Was Stay" 6. "Shake It Off" 7. "I Wish You Would" 8. "Bad Blood" 9. "Wildest Dreams" 10. "How You Get the Girl" 11. "This Love" 12. "I Know Places" 13. "Clean" 14. "Wonderland" 15. "You Are In Love" 16. "New Romantics"

Taylor Swift 1989 Song List / Collage "Welcome to New York" "Blank Space" "Style" "Out of the Woods" "All You Had to Do Was Stay"

how cool is this! all of Taylor's outfits from #BlankSpace. (credits to whomever drew these.)

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thetexanbelle: “ gicabyte: “ ‘Cause darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream (Blank Space, taylorswift) ” these were alll so perfect ”

Taylor Swift - Blank Space

Darling I'm A Nightmare Dressed Like A Daydream, T.

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So, it's gonna be forever or it's going to go down in flames, Taylor Swift Blank Space Quote

Yahoo Pulled Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" Video After Leaking It A Day Early

Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" Officially Released A Day Early After Accidentally Leaking On Yahoo