I had a moment of genius-ness yesterday morning. We had wanted to use bleach to make flowers on an article of clothing, but it sort of seemed like a daunting task to actually successfully accomplish t

How-To: Stamp On Your Clothes with Bleach

Hey Wanderer: DIY bleach stamp pad makes an old shirt into a fun new summery one!

For a finer tip on your bleach pen shirt projects...

For a finer line on your bleach pen shirt projects.mechanical pencil tips

Make Your Own Magic hand painted black leggings by Hallowed Woods Designs on Etsy!  Black, bleach dyed leggings picturing moons and stars featuring a beautiful ombre, faded look to create a sense of wander. These leggings are currently for sale at for only $24.95 USD!

Make Your Own Magic - Black Leggings - Ombre Leggings - Hand Painted - Printed Leggings - Yoga Pants - Yoga Leggings - Vegan Activewear 0812

bleach pen art!    amazing...i may be doing this on the shirts i have that are stained, but still good!

DIY Bleach Pen T-Shirts. Draw your picture in chalk first then go over it with a bleach pen. Love these bleach t-shirt ideas!

Bleach designs needs parents supervision for kids! Wearing your old clothes during your DIY craft working. Materials You’ll Need Bleach gel pen, or pencils and a bottle of bleach; Colored garment,clothes or bag Design steps: 1. Use one colored garment, … Continued

Fabric Bleach Designs: Simple And Creative DIY Craft Ideas

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pattern for bleach pen design on a dark shirt, or cold wax resist on a light one, before dyeing

Use a bleach pen to make this beautiful design. Tip: use white crayon to draw the design on the fabric before you start bleaching. DIY (do it yourself)

Bleach pen DIY tree of life design.  Would look good on a home made bag too.

DIY Tree of Life Ideas To Make

Bleach pen DIY tree of life design. Would look good on a home made bag too.

Carve a simple arrow stamp and create your own design on a shirt or other textile of your choice.

12 DIY Clothing Remixes