Antony Gormley: Blind Light, 2007. Southbank Centre (London). {Loved this exhibition!}

Antony Gormley: Blind Light An installation for recognizing known shapes/forms, for remembering lovable lovers' gestures, for playing to peekaboo, for knowing where you are.

Free Braille Alphabet Download

Free Braille Alphabet Vectors

You got: Too Pure for This World Like an unsullied lamb snuggled in virgin ivory wool, you pitter-patter across this scorched earth, innocent of all its sin, devoid of any darkness within. Your beautiful soul is of an unparalleled delicacy and so you often feel alienated by your perfection. But we love you no matter what, lamby. So feel free to roll in the mud with us sometime.

This Colorful Shape Test Will Determine Your Personality

Blindness Neon Lights Portraits by Javier Martin – Fubiz Media

Blindness Neon Lights Portraits by Javier Martin

Anti Rogue ------Blindness, Javier Martin Visual artist Javier Martin is the creator of a sensual ongoing series that mixes black and white fashion portraits and neon light.

When Braille Meets Technology, an infographic discussing four ways braille is included in technology for accessible communication, learning, and more.

Do Blind Kids Still Need to Learn Braille

Jenny Saville/ Atonement Studies/ Central Panel (Rosetta), 2005-06

Jenny Saville's work - in pictures

Jenny Saville, Atonement Studies: Central Panel (Rosetta), (c) 2012 Jenny Saville (courtesy Gagosian Gallery) - looks like a show worth visiting

Antony Gormley's new work 'Blind Light' in the Hayward Gallery, South Bank, 2007

Antony Gormley: 'I feel terribly misunderstood'

Gormley: Humidifiers create a dense vapour, reducing the visibility inside the eight by 10 metre glass enclosure. The resulting luminous fog makes it disorientating for those inside.

Blind people must save a lot on electricity.

the most hilariously bad poem

Funny yet also food for thought! The other day I was actually thinking about how the deaf do the moment of silence but figured they just keep their hands down to be respectful and not sign.

Inside Amandla Stenberg's Met Gala 2016 Prep | Teen Vogue                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Amandla Stenberg Just Gave Us All the Details on Their Met Gala Suit

What does a teen style icon — known for breaking boundaries with her wardrobe and her words — wear to her first-ever Met Gala? For Amandla Stenberg, that answer is a custom three-piece suit.