Rin Okumura

ao_no_exorcist black_hair blouse blue_eyes blue_fire fire flame frown glowing glowing_eyes looking_at_viewer male_focus matsunaka_hiro necktie okumura_rin short_hair solo water wet

ao no exorcist | blue exorcist: lo sabia, sabia que satan amaba a sus hijos tan sensuales y sexys

Blue Exorcist ~~ Satan = Rin and Yukio's daddy! SPOILER (this would be cuter if Satan would stop trying to kill them)

D. Gray man, Blue Exorcist AND Ghost Hunt! Haven't seen Blue exorcist yet and I am working my way thought Ghost hunt.


Gray man, Blue Exorcist AND Ghost Hunt! I've only read the ghost hunt manga. I didn't know there was a anime for it.

青の祓魔師<<< This is so beautiful and (at the moment) my favorite art for Blue Exorcist!

"At first: " Yay Rin let me take your hand!" Then: " Ohh, aww his daddy :')"" Sad echoes of the past

blue exorcist poster i by yistae (640×655)

Rin~ Oh, I should probably say that I own none of the anime/mangas that I've made Demotivational posters with. Blue Exorcist Poster I