The sun has 5 billion years of "fuel left" and then It will become a supernova which will then become a nova.

and the sun will rise ; black cursive lettering on pastel blue

{don't give up the ship}

Thalassophile (n.) a lover of the sea, someone who loves the sea, ocean. - For me the ocean, not so much the beach.

Dream BIG Print / Inspirational Quote Print / by MadKittyMedia

Dream BIG Print / Inspirational Quote Print / Positive Print / Positive Thinking / Blue Watercolor Wall Art / Motivational Print

Dream Big - Life starts with a dream - Its what you do with that dream that counts!

The 21-Day Anxiety Challenge: Take Control of Your Nerves

The 21-Day Anxiety Challenge: Take Control of Your Nerves

Take this anxiety challenge and try a new method to calm your nerves every day for 21 days. By the end, think about which activities and exercises most effectively helped you to harness your anxiety.

Kindness comes from a combination of self-confidence and compassion. Here are 5 quotes to inspire kindness. Add them to your pinterest board today!

5 Quotes To Inspire Kindness

Haven't always been this kind of woman but I am now. That's the thing about life, you make mistakes and you grow from them. Always be kind and always find the good in people

Go where you feel most alive

Words to live by .Surround yourself with people who bring out positive, uplifting and are encourage you to strive to reach goals that you may have set for yourself or your family. Good vibes,Good times and always tons of laughter . to feed the soul

"You are the sky. Everything else..It's just the weather."~Pema Chodron Live Simply by Annie

Dear tiny Buddhas, "You are the sky. Everything else.It's just the weather.