Boat diagram. Aft, forward, port, starboard, outboard, inboard, amidships, athwartships, centerline, bow, stern.

Sailboat Terms Diagram - it is easy to remember: "There is no more Red Port Left" (therefore green is starboard and on right hand side of boat looking to the bows).

Beginners Guide to Sailing #infographic #Sailing #Travel

Beginners Guide to Sailing #infographic

Anyone involved in sailing will tell you of its great benefits and the friends you make in the sport. This info-graphic from EFYC gives an outline of what is involved in Sailing from the perspective of a beginner.

Method: How to fiberglass a boat using Poxy-Shield epoxy resin

Glossary of Boatbuilding & Boating Terms

Boating Glossary of Terms...Know your lingo? Brush up on your boat-speak here...

Boating Glossary of Terms.Know your lingo? Brush up on your boat-speak here.

Carolyn Saxby - Sea momentoes  (Check out how she handles scenes)

textile artist photography and mixed media - Carolyn Saxby Textile Art St Ives Cornwall

Welcome to the Internet, where we do not criticise someone for stealing a boat, but for incorrectly claiming their identity

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