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Gypsy Living Traveling In Style. Boho/gypsy style is often idealized, but it is real. To varying degrees these designs are worn daily by real women.

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Alphonse Mucha used photographs of models for much of his reference material. But sometimes the photographs themselves were beautiful and had that Mucha look about them—such as this 1919 image he used as a study for a bank note design.

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cool Bohemian Gypsy Zen Den Hippie Trippie by www.dutchman-home-decor.

I love this coffee cup collection- I just started my own ,but it's tiny and not as cute yet ☕️

I love this coffee cup collection- I just started my own ,but it's tiny and not . - Pepino Home Decor

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Gothic bohemian luxe jewellery collection Killing Moon from UK based boho jewelry store Shop Dixi 427×640 pixels

How To Create A Bohemian Atmosphere In Your Home

A little Gypsy, a little Boho, a little chic! ~ Gypsy Heaven ~ Bohemian gypsy caravan, romantic camping ~ The beauty is in simplicity! ~ I love it! What a beautiful place to rest awhile and be alone.

The best of two worlds. Its got that boho look but is also feels a bit renaissance with the rich tapestry of teal and browns,and brass bead fringe

Brown and Teal Gypsy Bag with Brass Beads Messenger Bag Bohemian large Tapestry bag renaissance bag messenger bag medieval bag