Justin Vernon / Reverend Guitars / Flatroc / Bon Iver

For a long time, Justin Vernon from Bon Iver was my favourite musician, I would listen to the beautiful yet haunting music played by him and his band almost every day, and was a great source of inspiration for me, and still is.

Bon Iver- Lyrics from Holocene

Bon Iver- Lyrics from my favorite song of theirs, Holocene

Bon Iver <3

“I asked Bon Iver to describe a perfect day. ‘We spend the morning picking wildflowers in the field near the one-room schoolhouse. When the sun is high, we find a shade tree, spread out our Navajo.

Bon Iver, Skinny Love explained- Skinny love does not have a chance...

Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) regarding Skinny Love and his intention when he wrote and recorded music for the album, "For Emma, Forever Ago".