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Book cover series in Book design -continuous use of colour -loose hand drawn graphic style -simplistic graphics and shapes -interesting use of scale

life of pi book cover - Google Search

Life of Pi is fantastic. It grapples with questions of God and religion and loneliness, and is a genuine companion in solitude.

"Catcher in the Rye" When I first read this book, I really didn't like it. But when I went back over it in my mind I realised how utterly brilliant it is.

"Catcher in the Rye" // Levente Szabo -Not my favourite book in the world, but it's definitely my favourite cover.

17 Clever And Creative Book Cover Designs // Book Cover Art By Jason Booher

17 Clever And Creative Book Cover Designs

Designer: Jason Booher Found in: Book cover The childlike appearance of the text is an interesting tie to the book's characters.

Penguin has published new editions of a series of books by author Nancy Mitford, which have cover design inspired by textile prints.

wave, movement, patterns, collage papers For: front cover? or repeated motiff for page background?

68.media.tumblr.com 167b66e237edc438ddaa14c90388069b tumblr_omvaj1MNeM1shkhw1o1_1280.jpg

This simple idea of using almost a newspaper style print in the background of the cover and then overlaying the title onto it really works for illustrating the book and giving key parts of the book without giving to much away.

Jessica Hische book cover design

Jessica Hische book cover design - I love the simplicity of these book cover designs. Sometimes it's really nice to see some really simple versus detailed. Also, the color choices work well with the designs.

stories in the stars: an atlas of constellations • susanna hislop

Waverly Midi Dress, Blue

Flashback to 2014 Anthropologie EU Stories in the Stars: An Atlas of Constellations - travel the night sky and discover the stories yet to be told.