Staggering events will soon shock the whole world! Great prophecies in the book of Revelation show how and when these catastrophic events will occur. This booklet contains vital understanding that will forever change your outlook on the future. But you must have the keys that unlock it! And you must examine every scripture quoted—along with the entirety of Revelation. This stunning book of prophecy is opened, revealed and explained—at last!

Many sense the world is hurtling toward calamity. Opinions abound, but what is the truth of Bible prophecy? What specific events precede Christ’s Return?

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Take the fastest journey through the Bible you will ever experience! Understanding the 66 Books of the Bible will orient you with each of God's special books—Genesis through Revelation—whether you're a new reader or a veteran student.

Book of Revelation Explained – A Testimony of Jesus Christ Commentary

The Book of Revelation in the Bible is one of the more difficult books of the Bible to understand. A Testimony of Jesus Christ is a commentary that explains some of the mysteries of Revelation.

Last Day Bible Prophecy: Beasts of Daniel ARE EXPLAINED in Book of Revelation

Please keep your Bible handy and compare it with what we've written here. * A brie.

Discover Ministries  - Pastor Steve Cioccolanti - The Vision of Heaven by the Dying Prophet, & the Car Crash that takes him to *Heaven, & is sees  something very *Special in Heaven* & worth knowing, & passing on.     God's "Love"  in the Book of Revelation is Explained clearly, concisely, & very Eloquently!.

Message to All Jewish People: Is Elijah Coming Back? Who Are the 2 End-Time Witnesses?

Who Are The 144,000 In The Book Of Revelation?

Who Are The 144,000 In The Book Of Revelation?

EWTN Live - The Book of Revelation - Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ with , Naji Mouawad - 05-11-2011

EWTN Live - The Book of Revelation - Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ with , Naji Mouawad - 05-11-2011

In this video, Professor Ranko Stefanovic, professor at Seventh-Day Adventist theological seminary, Andrews University,Berrien Springs, Michigan explains the symbolic language found in the book of Revelation. Ranko Stefanovic is author of the book, Revelation of Jesus Christ, a verse-by-verse commentary offering a text-focused and Christ-centered approach to the book of Revelation.

Meaning of Symbolic Language Of The Book Of Revelation Video Bible Study

Coming Soon is a verse-by-verse commentary on the Book of Revelation using the Revised Standard Version: Catholic Edition of the Bible. Barber provides a Catholic interpretation, which sees the liturgical background of this book of Scripture—a perspective missing in many Protestant commentaries. Questions at the end of each chapter help promote discussion and reflection.

Coming Soon: Unlocking the Book of Revelation and Applying Its Lessons Today, a book by Michael Barber

Book of Revelation - Each Scripture is Explained -

Book of Revelation - Each Scripture is Explained -

Blending into One: The Left Behind Movie, the Book of Revelation and the Rapture

A second film adaptation of the Left Behind novels is about to be released. How can we handle it with grace and ensure the Gospel is not lost in the noise?