WC WineBottle Wall4. Strip of lighting. Reuse glass bottles, add passive lighting

Make a bottle wall between the chimney & furnace - non flamable & lets light through WC WineBottle Strip of lighting.

Upcycled Garden Style. . . Upcycled bottle wall. Drill a hole in the bottom of about a zillion bottles, thread rebar through them, then install.

bottle fence - drill hole in each bottle and run a rebar through it. Lovely when the sun hits it. photo because I love the idea of creating a bottle-fence. (Remember this garden bottle-wall?

The Upside of a Downturn: Back to work at Northeast Georgia Earthship

Bottle Brick Making by Kris - Manitoba Earthship. Note bottle over doorframe.

Wine bottles fence. Love this,,  you can paint the plastic paint over the bottles to prevent breaking.

Turn Wine Bottles into an Outdoor Wall.these are the BEST Garden & DIY Yard Ideas! So many great ideas on this one page it's hard to choose a picture. Some great gardening projects!

How to build a wall from recycled bottles - All

How to Build a Wall From Recycled Bottles

How to make a glass bottle wall

How to make a wine glass bottle wall Adobe concrete mud hut house reuse recycle

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