Bahahaha! I don't prefer Dean as a bottom but OMG! #Destiel

I was confused for a split second on why Dean was a bottom but then I remembered.

I hadn't even really thought about it before that I have, excuse me as I hunt for a top!Cas fic ohonhonhon

Honestly I can't help but ship destiel cuz Cas and Dean. They are so awesome together, but the sometimes the sexual references get to be too much

It's because Sammy wasn't caught... both times but it's still a helluva face ain't it?

both times but it's still a helluva face ain't it?<<<Sammy was caught in The Usual Suspects though.

Pretty new to the fandom, but I do know that mmm, love me some bottom!Dean. ^__^

Wouldn't that make Dean pansexual then? Since he loves Cas for Cas, aka, for his personality, not his gender?


No one ships Destiel more than Misha, and he doesn’t care if everyone knows it, he fucking advertises it 😂👏

on a scale of thor to supernatural, how well do you get along with your brother?

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Dean Winchester, folks. #Supernatural

Dean Winchester

He's smooth like crunchy peanut butter. It just so happens I like crunchy peanut butter

god, adam<<< Lmao what’s with the Mac and cheese<<< I CANT BREATHE HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND NAMED dEAN BUT HIS BOYFRIEND IS LUCIFER

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~ Gabriel is not a bad boy damnit!✊ He's to cute I mean he's a very , very bad little boy and he needs to be punished if you understand!✌ << Cas has a girlfriend named Dean, but his boyfriend is Lucifer who jumps on a moose

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but seriously, we're talking about a hunter who kills demons and an angel who are gay for each other

THIS             BOY          IS                    A              BOTTOM

I understood this immediately thanks to extensive gay fanfiction.<< I also have extensive gay.