Baja Vow Renewal by L Marie Photo and Tiffany J Photo

Ivy on the wall. purple bougainvillea flowers climbing on trellis. bouganvillea porch on the sidewalk of a mediterranean town. bouganvillea porpora che si arrampica su un portico sul marciapiede di una cittadina mediterranea.

rustic stone delineates bougainvillea

Boho design - magenta purple pink violet front door and flower bush tree doorway house entrance boho moroccan interior design

bouganvillea standard

Would be SO beautiful with cobalt pot, travertine patio and light tranquil blue pool water

Colorful Mediterranean entry featuring hot pink bougainvilleas • photo: Serban Enache on Dreamstime

Blooming hot pink bougainvillea decorating a white entrance or archway to a stone patio. Beautiful, can't wait to have my beautiful garden.