Wedding Bouquet Preservation - 12"x12" Box - Included invitation & lace from wedding dress -                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Hanawillowdesign specializes in preserving flowers for all special events, including floral art and wedding bouquets that have special meaning to you.

30 Ways To Display Your Wedding Dress And Accessories

Then why not choose this passion as your wedding theme? Music touches will make your wedding sound and look amazing – just have a look!

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Many brides are surprised that they regret throwing out their wedding flowers. Check out three different ways they can be preserved.

This is a great way to save your wedding bouquet---save the heads of the flowers and frame them in a shadow box. I like the idea just for any dried flowers.

Freeze Dried Wedding Bouquet - great idea I have seen this a few times before and it's great if you have real flowers.  However I think mine is going to be 75% flowers/ 25% antique crystal brooches

Keepsake Wedding Ideas

Freeze dry the bouquet! Love love love this idea for my wedding. Even if I don't freeze dry the actual bouquet.I love the shadow box and I plan on having a few charms hanging around it so I can put those in the shadow box instead!

Let's save them!

A small box that holds the most wonderful memories of a special day. Many brides make it by yourself and gather in a wedding shadow box bouquet, a dress.

A DIY tutorial for preserving your wedding bouquet and styiling in a shadow box. An easy and inexpensive way to preserve all flowers.

Hopefully this works with the bouquet I end up choosing!~~A DIY tutorial for preserving your wedding bouquet and styiling in a shadow box…

Dried bridal bouquet in shadow box display                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Dried bridal bouquet in shadow box display More OR a x fake flower and frame wall decor - Julie

Wedding invitation shadow box - cute present for newly engaged/married friends

Announcing Custom Shadow Box

Saving your wedding bouquet in a shadow box frame.(could even use a wedding photo instead of the wedding program)