The King of Rock 'n' Roll and Priscilla  Beaulieu. She captured Elvis Presley's heart and he swept her off her feet! On May 1, 1967, Las Vegas wedding bells rang for Elvis and Priscilla. Dressed in a black paisley print tuxedo and black boots, the groom is ready to once again exchange rings with his beautiful bride.

The Ancient History of Baby Dolls

Besh- Barbie Basics #15 Ken (Aged) Repaint OOAK by Doll Anatomy | by Gypsy X

Ken never looked so good. Besh- Barbie Basics Ken (Aged) Repaint OOAK by Doll Anatomy

Barbie Chelsea Nia Doll

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free printable ken doll clothes patterns - Google Search; lots of great looking patterns.

scale Dexter Morgan inspired henley shirt for regular collectible action figure bodies and male fashion dolls

Barbie. Curated by Suburban Fandom, NYC Tri-State Fan Events:

Barbie’s Big Birthday

Barbie influences socialization in our children. Barbie mostly has assumed social roles that would be expected of her. There are a few unexpected roles that Barbie has portrayed, but as a whole Barbie is your "typical girl".

Barbie Fashionistas Ken Doll

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