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I got an impression done for my expander today and I got bands fitted around my teeth. Felt like my teeth were giving birth😂 expander tomorrow

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Colours of braces ties. ** I used to love wearing different colours depending on the time of year/occasion.

Braces prove a way to help with bad breath. Totally true. Quick post explaining it.

The metal braces are effective, but many are offended as they are exposed on the teeth. So now one can look out for the invisible braces that are available in different options. For more details visit us

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Cosas que aprendes de la vida si usaste brackets

Finding the best dental braces for your teeth in Melbourne? Visiting a dentist at that moment is the best solution you can have. You can consult to dentist at our clinic.

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Healthy happy smiles during braces! Learn useful tips here:). -get my crooked teeth fixed):

If your new to wearing braces, you may be wondering "what can I eat?" Here is a chart of some soft foods that are great to eat when you first get braces.

But, some of these things you have to eat with other things like guacamole and jelly.