Got braces? There's a style for your beautiful smile!

The Ultimate Braces Style Guide

We’ve all heard the phrase “that’s so your color,” but discovering the right color palette for your complexion can really transform the way you dress. You may never have thought about how your outfit compliments your skin tone but once you know the colors which are right for you, it can open up a …

What Colors to Wear to Match Your Skin Tone

colors of braces ties

Colours of braces ties. ** I used to love wearing different colours depending on the time of year/occasion.

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Healthy happy smiles during braces! Learn useful tips here:). -get my crooked teeth fixed):

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12 Color Combinations

Beautiful color combinations for small business logos and websites. LOVE the pink and green! M :: 2 Color Combinations — Rekita Nicole

5. Tener miedo de que cuando alguien te bese se quedará trancado o lastimará con tus brackets. ------------------------------------------- 6. No poder comer cosas duras, chiles, dulces, etc. -------------------------------------------- 7. Tener que soportar las burlas porque llevas brackets y modifica tu forma de hablar. -------------------------------------------- 8. Taparte la boca cada vez que sonríes, o estallas en risa -----------------------------------------------

Let you have fun by rendering your mouth with different shades of dental braces color wheel.