Neuroscience facts to blow your mind [infographic] - Your Brain Health

Neuroscience facts to blow your mind [infographic]

Facts about the Human Brain The brain may stop growing by age but it produces neurons per minute in early pregnancy! See more of the human brain’s most impressive q

15 Things You Didn't Know About Your Brain: Get better health at:

Infographie : 15 infos surprenantes sur le cerveau !

Funny pictures about 15 facts about the brain. Oh, and cool pics about 15 facts about the brain. Also, 15 facts about the brain.

Being able to think about how we think is a sign of higher intelligence. This Is How Your Mind Works mind brain interesting fact facts life hacks did you know psychology good to know

Music can repair brain damage and return lost memories. -- This is likely why people diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer's have better cognitive abilities when their favorite music (or genre) is played. It triggers memories. ~Missy >>> Maybe

6 psychological effects that can move us ahead as much as pull us back, simply by knowing and understanding their impact!

6 Psychological Effects That Affect How Our Brains Tick

Benefits of Silence to the brain. Good for life quality too.

MMMmmmm, interesting i would really like to look into these two studies. I think if those 2 hours are spent meditating you could gain great benefits from controlling your thought pattern.

Some Amazing Facts you Didn't Know About your Brain (Infographic)

Some Amazing Facts you Didn't Know About your Brain (Infographic)

Other Infographics - Brain Infographic. Brainology - Some Amazing Facts You didn't Know About Your Brain. Facts About Human Brain.

Concussions and Brain Injury Facts.  Pinned by Treatment plans and patient handouts for the OT working with physical disabilities and geriatrics.

Concussions and Brain Injury Facts #infographic

Brain injuries, also known as traumatic brain injuries or TBI's, are very serious. Unfortunately, they occur more often than many people realize. TBIs range from mild to severe, but all are dangerous and can cause medical problems for years.

10 Brain Facts [Infographic]

10 Brain Facts [Infographic]

5 Brain Facts That Influence How People Learn Infographic -

The news is full of stories about the growth of coworking and multi-billion dollar valuations. These stats miss what drives the coworking movement: people.

Check out these fun brain facts for kids and learn some interesting facts and information that will help explain more about this amazing part of the human body.

The evolution of intelligence and the human brain, the thing that makes us different, has always been a hot subject in science. Is it possible to find certain genes that might be involved in the evolution of the human brain?