If our daughters want to be like a princess we should encourage them to be more like Merida.

brave merida quote and tattoo idea

DIY Merida Costume (Adult)   Hair & Makeup Tutorials

DIY Merida Costume (Adult) + Hair & Makeup Tutorials

Learn how to make this Princess Merida costume from the movie Brave. This DIY Merida Costume can be worn short & saucy or with a long, full skirt for a more authentic look.

My hair on a daily

Brave, Merida, i would love to have that wild curly hair

(previouse pinner) Merida & Queen Elinor. has anyone noticed that merida is wearing her coronation dress? or pretty close to it. see her belt?!

Merida and Queen Elinor Brave Disney

Disney Bound - Use Rosari skirt and Ondee or Bonnie sweater patterns

Disney Bound: Merida from Disney's Brave

Touch the sky - Brave -- i love this song and need to see the movie now!!

Brave, songs by Merida.

Rise of the Frozen Brave Tangled Dragons  - fanfic I'm working on - ref for Merida

Princess Merida Brave 2012 Wallpapers) – Free Backgrounds and Wallpapers

Merida, Rapunzel and Elsa                                                                                                                                                      More

Disney Merida, Rapunzel and Elsa

"Willful Daughter" by Jim Salvati    Original Oil on Canvas | 24.25 x 15.75.       I'm scared this movie may not be very good, but it has a red haired Scottish heroine who apparently hangs out with a draft horse, so I very much *want* to like it.  Time will tell.

Disney Fine Art Gallery Wrapped Giclee - Willful Daughter by Jim Salvati from Pixar's Brave

I think Merida has the prettiest eyes. They're such a bright and shining blue.....they're gorgeous :)

Princess Merida Brave 2012 Wallpapers) – Free Backgrounds and Wallpapers

Princesses + Seasons. Elsa - Winter for ice magic, Anna - Spring for thawing love, Rapunzel - Summer for sun magic, Merida - Autumn for change

love the new disney movies as much as the old ones! CGI Princesses + Seasons Elsa - Winter for ice magic Anna - Spring for thawing love Rapunzel - Summer for sun magic Merida - Autumn for change

Untitled by Tim  Shumate

Fate Loves The Fearless Art Print by Tim Shumate

Merida, Brave. Rebelle (Film (2012)) Première sortie : 18 juin 2012 (Hollywood) Réalisateurs : Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman

I loved Brave soo much. I want to live in Ireland, I love the mountains and the bright green grass and all the misty foggy mornings. It would just be so nice, getting away from hectic cities and getting to bask in the peaceful quiet beauty of nature.

Art Nouveau Costume Designs VII: Merida by Hannah Alexander

Merida Art Nouveau Costume Designs VII by Hannah Alexander - Brave

Merida and Angus, riding through the forest

BRAVE - Merida and Angus, riding through the forest

Merida by David Gilson

The Art of David Gilson ~ Merida