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So, basically, he's waiting for the TARDIS.

Brian Cox quote on discovery, space exploration, and the meaning of science.

Brian Cox

Professor Brian Cox began his career not as a physicist but as a rock star, when his band Dare signed a deal with A&M records in Brian then joined the band D:Ream, whose song

We are the cosmos made conscious

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Brian Cox. The BBC has a series available on iTunes- The Wonders of our Universe.  I've watched it a few times and my understanding of how our awesome planet, solar system, galaxy and universe work, how we and yes me, are a part of those 90+ elements that comprise our amazing story so far!!!

It is only our life which stops us to discover the amazing secrets of universe

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“But that doesn’t make us insignificant, because we are the cosmos made conscious. Life is the means by which the universe understands itself. And for me, our true significance l…

Everyone knows Brian Cox as the guy who made being nerdy cool. | 36 Entirely Scientific Reasons To Love Brian Cox

36 Entirely Scientific Reasons To Love Brian Cox