Paper Cutting - Branca de neve  Brittney Lee - Snow White

Paper Cutting by Brittney Lee - Snow White. I would love to make a paper border with as many details as this!

Brittney Lee

Brittney Lee is a Visual Development Artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios. She is most known for her paper craft illustrations. Her projects include: Frozen, Wreck-It Ralph, Tangled and The little mermaid.

This beautiful Elsa print by Brittaney Lee makes our heart stop. We can't wait to buy one.

Exclusive: Jaw-Dropping New Frozen Prints from Brittney Lee

Frozen Elsa Brittney Lee Cyclops - " The prints are by Brittney Lee, a visual development artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios who worked on Frozen, designing Anna and Elsa’s costumes and hairstyles, and they are absolutely incredible.

this is Brittney Lee...she is an animator and illustrator for Disney....i kinda think you will be obsessed with her :)

This is Brittney Lee.she is an animator and illustrator for Disney.i kinda think you will be obsessed with her. A Shimmery paper waterfall backdrops a shy mermaid.

Pink Waves Mermaid Print por britsketch en Etsy, $20.00

This little lady is happy to spend her days frolicking in the waves. And who wouldnt be with a fabulous fiery tale like that! This is a digital mermaid