BTS_official on Twitter: " 아미들도 #방탄소년단 과 함께한 즐거운 여행이 되었길 바라며... -BTS BON…

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BTS Bon Voyage Memory Film

“The thing I love the most about BTS is that they truly care about each other and their love is real.

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BTS Bighit Trans : We hope ARMYs enjoyed this trip with…

You're not helping at all guys

The sympathy is overwhelming. BTS Bon Voyage - the greatest gift Eppis ever received

BTS Bon Voyage

♥ Bangtan Boys ♥ Suga ♥ Taehyung ♥ Jin ♥ J hope ♥ JungKook ♥ Namjoon ♥ & Jimin ♥


At the beginning of their debut, the make up was heavy, especially in N.O era. The smokey eyes conce


BTS Bon Voyage Season The funny adventures of the bulletproof boys around the world continues, will their passports and luggage survive the journey? Can't wait to find out.

(1) BTS Bon voyage ep4 - V got lost  {Hahahaha  <3}

(1) BTS Bon voyage ep4 - V got lost {Hahahaha

BTS Bon voyage - V got lost {when V is coincidentally the Roman number