a $30,000 Hitchcock's moving castle (including $5000 former school bus, $2000 maintenance and repair before ripping everything out; grinding down the rivets; adding insulation, electricity and plumbing; framing out areas for a bathroom, bedroom and garage; and building custom furniture and storage)

If this schoolie had a raised roof, and additional beds above the bathroom, we would move in no doubt.

shepherds hut glamping cabin

This is the Home-stead Wagon tiny house. It’s designed and built by Rustic Campers. Related: Shepherd Hut Tiny House by Güte The Home-stead Wagon Tiny House

@big.larry.bus with probably the best #busconversion roof top we've ever seen…

stairs inside always take up too much space when there's large family.would help insulate the roof/ceiling and keep inside the bus cooler in the summer or when 'down south', or so I would think.

Outside Found School Bus Conversion Project:  All the best ideas & resources for your skoolie!

School Bus Conversion Tour

Welcome to the Outside Found School Bus Conversion Tour! Tons of photos of our finished Skoolie, from living room to kitchen and even full bathroom!

What to consider, legally, when buying and titling a bus for a bus conversion. Great tips for anyone searching the market for a vehicle to use in a bus conversion!

Short Bus Camper Ideas - Our five decades of owning our schoolie proved to be a fantastic adventure. Assuming that you wish to rent for the very first couple of.

Solar Energy DIY Project 2 Part Series | The Homestead Survival

So here's a thought: because school busses are typically left sitting most of the day, why not cover the roofs with panels and use them like a portable solar array?

1948 Chevy Bus Transformed Into a Bohemian Home | Watch As These Homesteaders Turn Old Busses Into Livable Quarters!

Turn Old Busses Into Livable Quarters!

When converting a school bus, there are several options for the flooring. In this bus we choose linoleum that looked like hard wood. It is easy to install. discoveringusbus.com

How to Make a School Bus a Home- Part 1

As an individual who doesn't mind dwelling in a place with limited square footage, I'd say this dream of mine will surely happen sometime in the forseeable future.

The parents' bed converts into a play area during the day. There are bunk beds along the wall for the kids, and a crib for the baby.

They Bought This School Bus For $2K And Flipped It Into A Gorgeous Tiny House!