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button wreath with frayed fabric flowers (Capture the Details)

Button Wreath DIY!

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Sweetheart Button Wreath. <3 how you can see the heads of the straight-pins.

A Valentine’s Day Craft: Make a Sweetheart Button Wreath

I can’t end Valentine Wreath Week without featuring one of my favorite Valentine wreaths from last year – the Sweetheart Button Wreath. Patty Schaffer designed this button wreath and it’s a beauty.

burlap wreath with frayed fabric and button flowers | designed by Patty Schaffer for Blumenthal Lansing Company

I'd like to share a project I designed for Blumenthal Lansing Company (my favorite button source! I wrapped a foam wreath with burlap strips and decorated it with frayed fabric flowers and buttons.

Christmas decorations

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Button Wreath Ornament Colorful stray buttons can be put to new use as Christmas ornaments. How to Make the Button Wreath Ornament

SwirlyThoughts: Make your own button wreath

Now this isn't a tutorial as it's fairly simple to do but I will give you the benefit of what I have learnt making one!

multi-colored button wreath with letter in middle  great for above the girls' bed or on door to their rooms or closets

birdie blue: button it This would be really pretty especially if you had an antique button collection.

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Dishfunctional Designs: Button Button Who's Got The Button? Mother Of Pearl Button Wreath

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Craft, Crochet, Create

Decorating for Christmas can get expensive, but with this DIY Christmas Button Wreath, holiday wreath making just got easier and cheaper! If you are new to home made Christmas wreaths, this is an easy beginner project for you.

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Purple Bling Heart Wreath-Romancing the Bling: Vintage Buttons & Vintage Jewels.

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