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Sister: Person that was, where you were, the one you can call when things don't go in the right directions, she is more than family, a sister is an everlasting friend.

Zur Feier des #TagderPoesie, ein schöner Spruch fürs Leben von Travelbook

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Wääääähhh.....  Montag Mittag und ich bin gerade aufgewacht. Ne Spaß, ich habe schon gefrühstückt und war im Bad. Der Blick in den Spiege...

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Hi My name is Via.My favorite color is blue and I like to eat snow cones.My closest friends are Primavera, Kimberly Ann I call her Kimber and Ingrid, she is my best friend because she is like a sister to me.My act at the circus is animal training and I sometimes am a magician .My personality traits are bubbly,Daring,and peppy.See you soon at the circus!

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Anime picture with aikatsu! kiriya aoi hiten goane ryu long hair single tall image blush looking at viewer blue eyes simple background fringe blue hair standing holding looking back grey side ponytail head tilt drinking girl

Story of my life...but the story is about to change.

This is my problem.

This is exactly why I don't open up to people. What if they don't care about me as much as I thought they did? They to HAVE to show me exactly how much they care about me before I feel confident enough to open up to them.

My friend tried to kill herself some years ago and has depression. Of course I care!

My friend tried to kill herself some years ago and has depression. Of course I care!

Vegan cinnamon buns—also called Kardemummabullar—are perfect to share with friends over coffee.

The best vegan Cinnamon Buns

Those vegan, egg-free, and dairy-free Cinnamon buns also called Kardemummabullar are perfect with hot coffee and good friends.