Only my opinion; I think it would be more accurate to say " doesn't experience LASTING attraction"

I don't think that all infjs feel this way (obviously) but it's just strange that I happen to be infj and demisexual 😂😂 one of those creepy accurate things.

Cancer ♋ Zodiac Sign

25 Zodiac quotes that sum up what it's like to be a Cancer in astrology. Everything you need to know about the Cancer horoscope, summed up in a few funny quotes.

Why am I still looking at zodiac signs?!

Those with Mars in Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Leo with positive aspects to Pluto or the Sun make for GREAT bed partners.

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The Best Zodiac Facts

Some people take us for granted but I wish that most people would care like we do. Where my cancerians at?

Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility | Ask Oracle ( best ever)  soulmates :)

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