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Французская передвижная корабельная мортира (12-фунтовая) 1700 г. Русский морской однофунтовый «Единорог» на корабельном станке 1843 г. (калибр-50,8 мм) Карронада на верхней батарейной палубе боевого корабля. Конец XVIII - начало XIX в.

Mortar, cannon, carronade (called a smasher in the Royal Navy for very good reasons)

Baroque Cannon. Boom artillery

the first cock had not yet crowed, and umuofia was still swallowed up in sleep and silence when the ekwe began to talk, and the cannon shattered the silence.

bfb31cd4e6f6b7a517165523f4481426.jpg 640×427 pixeles

bfb31cd4e6f6b7a517165523f4481426.jpg 640×427 pixeles

DIY Confetti Cannon Makeover

DIY Confetti Cannon Makeover

This would be a great send-off at the church {Ultimate Party Decoration: A Customized Confetti Cannon How-To}


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Cannon Artillery 1897 Antique Print Vintage by Craftissimo on Etsy

Cannon Artillery 1897 Antique Print Vintage by Craftissimo on Etsy, art weapon vintage classic