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How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe (Plus Free Workbook!)

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This past fall I built a capsule wardrobe. For 3 months I only wore about 30 rotating pieces of clothing. In theory, a capsule wardrobe is supposed to stretch your creativity, be composed of things…

I must be crazy, but I want to do this Minimalist Wardrobe challenge so bad! You wear only 10 items. Can I do it?

Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge: Am I Really Doing This

Can you dress with only 10 items? Take this 10 piece minimalist wardrobe challenge and find out.

The Ultimate Minimalist Mom Wardrobe | Easy, simple fashion for the mom who never stops!

21 Piece Minimalist Mom Wardrobe: The ultimate capsule wardrobe for minimalist moms with a classic, laid back style.

my spring capsule-ish wardrobe

It’s capsule time! :) Yesterday, I posted a quick capsule refresher and how my approach has changed over the years. If you missed it, definitely go back and give it a read first. Read The Post :: Fashion

Are you a stay-at-home mom needing ideas for a flexibly stylish but comfortable…

Basic Fall Capsule Wardrobe (72+ Outfits) for the Stay-at-Home Mom

Are you a stay-at-home mom needing ideas for a flexibly stylish but comfortable fall wardrobe? Check out this simple ensemble that creates 72 outfits to keep you looking fabulous all fall! Click through for graphics and printables.

A fall capsule wardrobe for a stay at home mom.

August is officially over and September has graced us with pumpkin spiced everything, deep maroons and the promise of cooler temperatures. We slowly start to trade our shorts, sandals, and summery …