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The Sensational Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

This image reminded me of the car from Supernatural, an American TV series. It is so accurately drawn, and the tone of pencil that has been used, works really well.

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another pencil drawing as inspiration for my project, the proportions are amazingly accurate

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Pencil Art  "this brings back some of the good old days"

Check out 30 really unique pencil drawings that you don't typically find incorporated in site design. The art of pencil drawing is a talent that few have, so

I love to take something my child loves to play with and use it in lots of different ways. This can encourage them to try different ways to play, and lets them learn important skills by doing something they love. If you know a child who loves trucks and cars, try these super transport activities.

Maybe a gNe for kids with really immature grasp patterns and dislike for colouring (but likes cars) Drawing with Cars ~ Marker Cars is a fun activity that merges art and play. A great way to get the nursery boys mark making!